Would like to know more about " school days"
-- Doug Las Husketh, 9/30/12

Thanks for taking my call! I purchased a small piece of your work in a lil shop in Fl, and knew that it belonged back in Texas somehow!! Its a redish clay looking 8" bust of Davy Crocket w the Alamo scene at bottom, signed by you and dated 1995, probably orig sold as a souvenir in San Antonio? Tell me more about it, the story behind the lil piece, what its made of, and what's its worth now? I want to give it to my hubby for christmas, and he likes western things. I really like you work after viewing your website!! Thanking you in advance for you reply and answers. Cyndi King, 9/18/12
-- Cyndi King, 9/18/12

Trace, Which of your two sculptures of Which Sam Houston Sculpture... the one at Sam in Huntsville or the one outside the colonial restaurant, just off the Sam Houston Tollway is your favorite? I've seen both, Joe got to see the one at the restaurant.
-- Mary Ann Putman, 9/10/12

Trace, it was a pleasure meeting you at the PIE Conference. Look forward to checking out your gallery. Rick
-- Rick Johnson, 8/22/12

Hey Trace,Saw ur webpage! Good Job..Moon..
-- Bill Braastad, 6/23/12

I would like to receive a monthly newsletter, that summarizes updates to the website. Thanks, MAP I would like to receive a monthly newsletter. Thanks, MAP I
-- Mary Ann Putman, 5/30/12

Like all the three new sculpts.....especially the "Lizzard Lady," who is much sexier than my fat Indian Lady, holding the cat , unaware of the lizzard on her leg!
-- Mary Ann Putman, 5/19/12

Hi Trace I found your sculpture in my Dad's collection,its dated 1986 Trace Guthrie,Bears make money,Bulls make money,Hogs get slaughtered- such a true statement and a beautiful work of art I do not see it in your collection can you give me more information on this piece? Thanks Tony,Summit,NJ
-- Tony, 5/1/12

My partner has one of your pieces, its a small bust of a smiling cowboy, on the base it says "Tex" The Bronze it has been signed by you and has a number 94/100, we would love to know more about this piece, and the value, we both love it.
-- Anne Wardrop, 4/13/12

I just purchased one of your pieces, a small bust of a smiling cowboy. I would love to learn more about it, if possible. It marked 3:15 Tracy Guthrie. Very interested in you and your work since my maiden name is Guthrie.
-- Mary Tankersley, 3/13/12

Wish you were teaching a class in Houston again! I get lots of compliments on the bronz bust of Sam Houston that you did for Joe. Also, lots of comments on the sculptures that I did in your class!
-- Mary Ann Putman, 2/25/12

I'm honored to have met truly are one of the most gifted persons I know!
-- Charles Ingram, 1/31/12

Dad (Weldon) was talking about wanting to see you again and I looked up your website.
-- Sharon Guthrie Moya, 8/28/11

Hi Trace, Happy to see you are doing well with your sculpture work. Say hello to your family for us. I'm retired now with one granddaughter and another on the way. All the Best, Peter
-- Peter Swetich, 8/25/11

Trace, Don Lafferty posted your website, remember you from high school, you one of the good guys, really enjoyed having a look through your work. In high school I remember seeing sketch you made in one of your notebooks, had a woman with 6 breasts talking to a guy with 16 toes and the caption was, I never met a guy with 16 toes before. I like your work, very life like. Best Always, Pat
-- Pat Gossett, 7/30/11

What ever happened to the clay Jimi? Keep up the good work!
-- Don Lafferty, 7/29/11

Hey Trace, We knew you somewhat in Houston and from Pine Cove Artist's Conferences. I remember a piece of yours I really liked of horses based on a Jeremiah scripture. It was bas relief, I think.
-- Laurey Boyd, 6/29/11

I absolutely love your work and am looking forward to seeing more!!
-- Debra "Hasket"-ganoe, 6/9/11

Love love love your work still!
-- Judy And Steve Reno, 5/10/11

Trace, I knew you were a talented guy from our first meeting in Cibolo back in '96. But your many works on this website blew me away! I'll definitely share it with my AF pals. Best for continued success!
-- Derek Kaufman, 1/23/11

Trace, I did not know that you had a website - it is so wonderful to see so much of your work at once! You are an amazing talent - I love your style.
-- Nancie J, 1/22/11

Hello Trace. Laraine Romine is my sister and we have met. Just letting you know how nice your site and all your sculptors Look take care.
-- Vance Stone, 12/10/10

I recently purchased a piece at auction called "Gaining Ground" and I love it. It was dated 2008. Did it come out before "The Struggle" or after?
-- Ron Miller, 10/20/10

Hey Trace, nice looking site you have here. Hey give me your address so I can see how close you are to Larry's so I may drop off these molds along with the ones Ed has next trip to Larry's. If it's too far I'm sure you can meet me at Larry's.
-- Mark Birdwell, 10/11/10

love your work. My husband is a sculptor, and I am an artist of many mediums, and we'd love to stay abreast of projects/events that you are involved with. Thanks! Kati
-- Kati Hibri, 9/27/10

WOW Trace, I knew you did amazing work, but I had never seen it to this extent! You are greatly gifted! To God be the glory!
-- Jeanne Hogue, 7/31/10

Love your artwork and your friendship. you are truly an artist of the Sculpture.
-- Laraine Romine, 6/22/10

Trace you have been truly blessed with an amazing gift with both your hand and sharp mind. Great seeing you and Jamie. Still love those monkeys! Sande Greene
-- Sande Greene, 6/15/10

Trace- You have a wonderful web site. I love the piece of the little boy singing with the boot that you did for Mom. I see a lot of heart and soul in what you do. Your work is beautiful. Keep the faith. Ginger
-- Ginger Garner, 6/3/10

Met you at your demonstration at the Canyon Lake Art Guild. Terrific stuff, great talent. Really enjoyed your presentation and watching you work!
-- Everett (Rick) Donowho, 5/28/10

Well I'm still alive Trace and teaching a sculpture class at the Forum at Memorial Woods where I live.Question- Have you ever found a way to make a silicon mold on damp potters clay?
-- Barbara Bruce, 5/5/10

hello all
-- Larry, 4/14/10

Wow! God has blessed you with a great talent. I am impressed.
-- Steve Meteer, 4/3/10

Cool Stuff
-- Robert Flowers, 2/5/10

I Love your Art, of course who would not it is fantastic, I am an artist, would love to learn from you. Shirl
-- Shirl Stockman, 1/14/10

Hi Trace, You've really updated your website! I am keeping after Keith about another reunion at his place. This would be a great Spring to do it. Say "Hi" to jamie and Milam for me.
-- Don Ortloff, 1/13/10

I just wanted to see if your hair was as gray as the rumors indicate. Steve
-- Steve Fincher, 12/4/09

My wife and I have enjoyed your sculpture of "Fishin'" since we acquired it in 1984.
-- Malvern Lusky, 11/13/09

we have the fishin' in clay,the fish broke. Would like to replace it. Help.stamped 1997.
-- Dale Rogers, 10/24/09

what a great artist you are..i just gave away 1 of your pieces to a great friend to enjoy...'"after all these years "...thank god i bought 2 of them when i could
-- Gregg Bingham, 10/17/09

Tracy, you made me cry of emotion admiring your work!!!! How wonderful, wonderful is your inspiration. You are a GREAT, GREAT ARTIST!MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!!!!!
-- Maricarmen B De Pollard, 7/25/09

Joy and I sure have enjoyed looking at your sculptors and really did enjoy our meeting at Laraines this weekend. Trace and Jamie you both have a great since of humor and we really enjoyed joking with you both. Take care Joy and Vance
-- Joy And Vance Stone, 6/22/09

I took classes in Houston @ 290 yrs ago but did not get to finish! Nice to see your work!
-- Ginger Gaskie - Garcia, 5/9/09

Trace, I thoroughly enjoyed viewing all the works you have posted here...what a pleasure! You were the first encourager to our artist daughter at age 3 in your Sunday school class 25 years ago. Doug still has the armadillo you did for him when we first got married...minus an ear :-)
-- Claudia Daniel, 4/11/09

Recently saw one of your works in Boston at LPL's headquarters. "The Struggle" is a wonderful piece of work and I hope to come by one myself.
-- David, 4/1/09

Your work is beautiful. I grew up as a neighbor to Jamie in Tionesta. I hope I can see some of your work if I'm in your area some day.
-- Ron Heasley, 3/21/09

Hey Trace, give me a call, 832-693-4008. Thanks, Jim Johnston
-- Jim (Buckwheat) Johnston, 3/5/09

Hey Trace, give me a call, 832-693-4008. Thanks, Jim Johnston
-- Jim (Buckwheat) Johnston, 3/5/09

Hi Trace and or Jamie, Just checking things out. Looks really good so far. Keep up the good work. Brother Jeff
-- Jeff Faulkner, 2/10/09

Beautiful work......congratulations on the new website.
-- Susan Raine, 2/9/09

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