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I have a clay sculpture I believe that you made. It’s a six elephants family walking. Looks a lot like the baby elephant you have now. Light tan in color. Was wondering if you made it and when . I want to insurance it thought you might could give some in sight on it. Beautiful piece of art. Thx. Dennis
-- Dennis M Peterson , 5/4/20

I just purchased a 1990 Trace Guthrie, Beautiful double dolphins splashing up out of the water. I can't find any information on this piece, but I love it and hoping this is a original sculpture of his.
-- Robert Bryant, 2/2/20

So great to see your work still blossoming! Come see us in Santa Fe. Trying to send you a picture.
-- Chris Kelly, 12/23/19

Trace I hope you don't mind... I nominated you for State Artists for 2020. Texas State Legislature’s 2020 appointments to the positions of state artist are managed by the Texas Commission on the Arts. You should have... but you didn't get it. 2021?!
-- J. Bryan Lake Executive Director Emeritus Piney Woods Fine Arts Association , 5/30/19

Tracy, I met another sculptor on a plane flight last night. It made me think of you so I pulled up your website. All I can say is that I'm proud to know ya! You're an extremely talented individual.
-- Bill Layton, 4/25/19

I’m a fan of yours .
-- Arthur Reyes, 10/10/18

Looking at price on armadillo mailbox
-- Paul Hamilton , 8/28/18

Enjoyed your website. Your a talented sculpter.
-- Laurel Cyrene, 6/20/18

Sorry but I think when I signed the guestbook before I forgot to put the . between my first and last name.
-- Anna Kincade, 1/17/18

This is my work email address. I have contacted you from Victoria College in Victoria Tx. about a possible Pirate Statue.
-- Anna Kincade, 1/17/18

Phenomenal Art Work Trace!
-- Richard Lopez, 12/18/17

It’s so cool my brother saw you in Greune today. Btw, thank you for investing in my life as a Jr. High kid back in the 70’s (I’m pretty sure I probably never said “thanks”.) We still have (somewhere) a cartoon-like pencil sketch you did of me. Would love to catch up sometime - do you ever make it up to Salado?
-- Phil Dady, 11/19/17

Hi Tracy. I see here great work as you have always done. This is a voice from the way past (as in Creativity Shop).
-- Dale Prejean, 10/3/17

Your Oliver Twist sculpture in Hermann Park was on Channel 13 news. Some idiot broke into the pavilion & pulled a ATM wright out in front of Oliver. More Please? I purchased the Bust of Cesar from you some 20 years ago. We love it! JW
-- John Warren, 8/25/17

I have "after all these years" and " you're calling me a liar". What are either worth?
-- Marlene Smith, 5/29/17

Yes I have a clay sculpture with six ballerinas their children I would like to know if it's yours it just have your signature I don't know if it's ultimate and has a c and an MI and then your name is it your sculpture
-- Lisa Vasquez, 1/28/17

-- Anonymous, 1/18/17

Wonderful gallery! Can't wait to see it in person.
-- Janet Lynch, 1/15/17

Congratulations on being named the 2017 Artist of the Year at the New Braunfels Art League. Is there a showing scheduled?
-- Amy Abdalla, 1/8/17

Trace! I loved going through the photos of your pieces! They are just as i imagined you would produce--all wonder-full!
-- Brenda Sellers, 8/26/16

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